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Max H. Flindt & Otto O. Binder

''Mankind Child Of The Stars''  Mankind Child Of The Stars 

Max H. Flindt

Born in 1915 in San Jose, California. The son of pioneer science-fiction writer, Homer Eon Flindt. Ardent studies in chemistry, physics, biology, paleontology, and anthropology led him to a life dedicated to independent scientific research. Former posts include that of Senior Laboratory Technician under Nobelists Dr. Edward Teller, Dr. Glenn Scaborg, and Dr. Melvin Calvin at Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley, California; Laboratory Analyst in Research at Lockheed, where he engaged in highly classified space research; and research on human blood anomalies under the late Professor Emeritus Percival Baumberger of Stanford University.

Flindt was the first to scientifically document from biological evidence the possibility that mankind may be a hybrid from a prehistoric union of terrestrial humanoids and starmen, which is this book's main thesis. He privately published a pamphlet entitled "On Tiptoe Beyond Darwin" (copyright 1962), which was later expanded to short book length (copyright 1965). The present book is a greatly expanded version, with much additional scientific data to further substantiate this concept.

180,000 copies were sold in the paperback edition in the 1970's.

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Otto O. Binder

Born 1911, Bessmer, Michigan - Died 1974

Three years college: City College of Chicago, University of Illinois, Northwestern University; majored in chemical engineering.

First published story, 1932 (fiction). Over three million words published in fiction, including science fiction. Over forty books published, including "Victory in Space", "Careers in Space", and such astronomical texts as "The Moon, The Planets, Riddles of Astronomy", all for school circulation. Under NASA contract in 1966, wrote the Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo programs in chart form for educational purposes.

Two UFO books published: "Flying Saucers are Watching Us" by Belmont Books - 1969 (reissued in 1971); "What We Really Know About UFOs" by Fawcett Gold Medal Books - 1968.

Over three hundred articles (non-fiction) published in national magazines, on science subjects and UFOs. Articles from science yearbooks on chemistry, astronomy, physics and biology.

Member of original American Rocket Society, American Interplanetary Society, National Spaceflight Association, Aerospace Writers Association, etc.

Founder and editor of "Space World" Magazine, 1959 - 1963, subscribed to by high schools, colleges and professional people.

Wrote for juvenile market: "Golden Book of Jets", "Book of Space Travel", "Book of Atomic Energy", etc.

Syndicated strip "Our Space Age" ran for nine years in some 250 US newspapers and in such foreign countries as Spain, Holland, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and others.

Awarded honorary Masters Degree in Astronautical Science by NASA in 1963, with teaching certificate.

Major writing since 1965 in the field of UFOlogy: books, articles, analyses, and statistics. Exponent of ET (extraterrestrials) theory for UFOs, along with Dr. J. Mien Hynek, Dr. Jacques Vallee, and Stanton T. Friedman (nuclear scientist).

Latest contribution in the field to research for Max H. Flindt's theory of hybrid man and colony Earth.

Otto O. Binder died in 1974 after the first printing of "Mankind - Child of the Stars".

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