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Century VII-41
Nostradamus Volume 1

Les oz des piedz & des main enserres,
Par bruit maison long temps inhabitee:
Seront par songes concavent deterres,
Maison salubre & sans bruit habitee.

The bones of the feet and the hands locked up,
because of the noise the house is uninhabited for a long time.
Digging in dreams they will be unearthed,
the house healthy and inhabited without noise.


B: He is saying that this refers to various events in American history, and some events to come. This is one of those quatrains with several interpretations. He says the house refers to the White House. One of the associations with this quatrain, one of the things he was seeing that he did not bring out very strongly, was the events of Watergate. The reason why he didn't bring it out very strongly is that the quatrain is associated with other events that seem to be more major and more important. He thought the people needed to be warned against these, rather that just the events of Watergate. He wanted to give them a hint about Watergate because that would be a bad thing to have happen, but not necessarily avoidable. In secret the presidents of the supposedly free country have been steadily abusing the power to a greater and greater extent. And something needed to happen to shake them up and to shake up the people so they wouldn't be so complacent. But he says it also refers to events in the future. There will be a time in another period of great social unrest, even more major than the social unrest that occurred during the Vietnam era, to where due to a - the concept he's trying to put across is a combination of two concepts that cannot be explained in one or two words. He first shows the concept of a hung jury, so that a sentence cannot be decided upon in court, but he's applying that concept to an election. A hung election with the nation being the hung jury, and with the vote being very finely divided between two different men for president. The electoral college will not be able to make the decision either because the vote will be so even, so finely divided throughout the entire nation, that it will temporarily freeze the processes of democracy. The hands and feet, the very core of the operation, that is the election, will be locked up, frozen. He says the people will be clamoring for whichever candidate they voted for and it will cause a great noise across the entire nation. It will be a touchy subject due to the world situation in general at the time. Thus, if one or the other candidate is put in office it would be at the risk of causing another civil war or at least a revolution. He says it will be a time of great social pressure, social unrest, and even more explosive than during the Vietnam era. It will be a while before they work out a compromise and hold another election to come up with a candidate acceptable to all, one who can be installed in the White House without the threat of all the noise and confusion and such caused by a revolution or a civil war or what-have-you.
D: What does "digging in dreams" mean?
B: He says that in the process of trying to find a solution to the problem there will be a lot of oratory. Bringing up a lot of concepts about patriotism and love of country and such, and bringing up the dreams of the founding fathers of the nation.

I thought this could possible happen in the 1988 presidential election. In 1987, there was no clear-cut favorite candidate who could successfully carry an election. When Bush and Dukakis were announced, it was met with lukewarm enthusiasm. But the hung jury concept did not materialize as George Bush was elected to the office of President. So it appears that this strange prophecy describes an event that is still in our future. How far we can only speculate.

D: But you said it could also refer to Watergate because of the confusion?
B: Yes. He says if you would like he will give a few of the associations of Watergate but he doesn't feel that it is essential. He says that in the case of Watergate, the bones of the hands and feet being locked up together refers to the president abusing the powers of the CIA for the interests of his political party against the other political party. It was like cutting off your hand or cutting off your nose to spite your face, for both parties want to work for the good of the country. And they let petty things, party differences, get in the way and become too big. The president abused his powers at the time of election against the other party so that it created a great noise. Watergate, in other words. (A play on words. The opening of a water gate would make a loud noise.) It was not settled until the president stepped down from his position so that things could be quieted and another put in his place.

I could understand the comparison now. In both cases someone would have to be appointed to fill the office until a president could be duly elected. This is what he meant by the house being uninhabited. There was a period of time, in Watergate and in this future case, when the country was being run by someone who had not been elected by the people.

B: He says that the man who took the office (Gerald Ford) was in a very delicate position for he had been appointed vice-president after the other one had been impeached. Then the president resigned so he became resident without ever having received a vote from anybody, except for his constituency in Michigan. He says that particular man (Ford) was in a very uncomfortable position. He did not ask for that to happen to him. He had not aimed for the presidency. The man did well in the circumstances and the way he handled the entire situation on his part caused a lot of good causes for his karma.

D: I understand. The house was inhabited but it was not inhabited by an elected president. The other meaning about the election is more important because the Watergate episode has already passed. - He'll probably get mad again if I tell him the translation of this quatrain. It says, "Nostradamus seems to have believed in ghosts, because this is a description of a haunted house which is exorcised when the bones of the victim are removed. Perhaps an occupant of the house dreamt of the grave which led to the discovery of a skeleton?"
B: He's not mad at this point. The image he's projecting is him rolling all over the floor laughing. He says that if she wants ghosts, he'll show her ghosts. He'll come and haunt her in her dreams.
D: She did interpret it quite literally, didn't she?
B: Yes. He says that's why this project was instituted. He knew that this would happen.

In all fairness to Ms. Cheetham, many other translators have also thought that this quatrain referred to a haunted house. I think this is a wonderful example of Nostradamus' marvelous use of symbolism.

Century II-65
Nostradamus Volume 1

Le parc enclin grande calamite.
Par l'Hesperie & Insubre fera:
Le feu en nef peste et captivite,
Mercure en l'Arc Saturne fenera.

In the feeble lists, great calamity
through America and Lombardy.
The fire in the ship, plague and captivity;
Mercury in Sagittarius, Saturn warning.


B: He says that the first line refers to the fact that the leaders involved are not competent. They're there because of family prestige. He says that on a joint venture between America and France ... he's having difficulty describing. I'm thinking he's trying to describe a space shuttle.
D: Oh? What does the picture look like?
B: He's not picturing it. He's just trying to describe the concept of what it does. He says that it's a ship but it's not an ocean-going ship. And I asked him, "An airplane then, a ship that goes in the air?" He says, not in the air, on and above it. He says, so the airship flies above the ocean and regular ships, so this ship flies above the airship. He says there will be a calamity. This ship will have some scientists on it doing some biological experiments to see how these take place beyond the pull of gravity. An accident will happen, a malfunction which will cause this ship to tumble back into the atmosphere and break up as it does so, and it would burn in the atmosphere. But some of the vials and containers being used in the biological experiments contain organisms hardy enough to survive the fall. Since these have been exposed to the cosmos they will be different than they were before. And these organisms have the potential of causing plagues. He says the astrological notations there at the end are like a horoscope of the date. He says that Mercury in Sagittarius, that is easy enough to observe. Just look at the sky at night with--he calls it "a far-seeing eye"--I think he means a telescope. And Saturn warning, he says for a drawer of horoscopes to draw up a horoscope when Mercury is in Sagittarius and Saturn is in a bad house for both America and France. It will be then. I think he's trying to say that Saturn will be at ... in relation to Mercury the angle will have a bad meaning.

Century VII-33
Nostradamus Volume 3

Par fraude regne, forces expolier,
La classe obsesse, passages a l'espie:
Deux fainctz amis se viendront rallier,
Esveiller haine de long temps assoupie.

The kingdom stripped of its forces by fraud,
the fleet blockaded, passages for the spy;
two false friends will come to rally
to awaken hatred for a long time dormant.


B: He says this refers to two different things. On the one hand it refers to the American Civil War, and on the other hand it refers to events that have not yet occurred. He says it still refers to America and that the years to come, the next decade or so, will see increasing restlessness in the United States. He says the system of government will become increasingly top-heavy, spending too much money, and it will ruin the economy. Sweeping changes will need to be made, or it will fall from its own weight. He says that America itself will survive, but the people in power will be broken down. The change will be needed, and if it goes as it should, the change will be for the good. Because as the government gets increasingly top-heavy, it continues to infringe upon the rights of the people. But when the old structure is broken down and a new structure built up that is more equitable and more in balance, the people will be restored to their freedom.
D: It seems to be paralleling what he saw in the Civil War?
B: It's just a matter of using one quatrain to refer to two different events. He's not saying that it will be like the Civil War. It will not be a country divided unto itself. It will be the people rising and saying, "This is ridiculous. Something has to be done."

Century VI-19
Nostradamus Volume 3

La vraie flamme engloutira la dame,
Que voudra mettre les Innocens a feu:
Pres de l'assaut l'excercite s'enflamme,
Quant dans Seville monstre en baeuf sera veu.

The true flame will swallow up the woman
who will want to put the Innocents to the fire.
Near the assault, the army is inflamed
when in Seville a monstrous ox will be seen.


B: He says this quatrain has to do with political ideology, particularly in the late 20th, early 21st century. The true flame represents liberty and the thoughts of freedom. He says the woman who wishes to put the children to the fire represents a country who stands for liberty. At this point he has not made it clear whether he's referring to the United States or France. But it is a country that has traditionally stood for liberty, and its political ideology goes astray. It's a very gradual process, and the political leaders say they are doing these various things in the name of liberty. They're wanting to send the people into war and such as this, in the name of liberty, when it is actually for self-gain. The people will realize this and will rise up and swallow them. This is the true flame of liberty regaining its position, and burning out the false political ideology. He says the monstrous ox seen in Seville represents forces that will be working with the Anti-Christ, trying to stir up political unrest and revolution in preparation for the Anti-Christ taking over that part of Europe.

Century VIII-14
Nostradamus Volume 3

Le grand credit d'or, d'argent l'abondance
Fera aveugler par libide honneur
Sera cogneu d'adultere l'offense,
Qui parviendra a son grand deshonneur.

The great credit of gold and abundance of silver
will cause honor to be blinded by lust;
the offense of the adulterer will become known,
which will occur to his great dishonor.


P: This refers to something in our present or near future. Adultery seems to be Nostradamus' term for "bad doing," not necessarily of a sexual or promiscuous nature, or even involving any kind of sexual liaison. This seems to refer to a government figure. My first impression was the President of the United States being caught doing something unethical. Of course, you know the international monetary system being based on gold and silver, is referring to our present time. But it will be even more so in the future when we have these economic breakdowns that are being forecast by others besides Nostradamus. These monetary breakdowns will result in gold and silver being the only real currency that is acceptable worldwide. It will not be paper, and certainly not copper, lead, nickel, zinc, or other metals. For some reason it seems, the United States kept it balanced, as long as the United States was considered an honorable power. But when this President is caught, it seemed to throw this monetary system into some kind of mess.
D: That seems to agree with "blinded by lust."
P: The symbolism here is that he is an adulterer and of course, you could consider greed lust.
D: Can you see in the mirror which President it is?
P: Well, it's a male. I see George Bush and I think I'm saying that because he's president now. Nostradamus says this will occur in our near future, while we are alive.
D: So it could possibly be a president you don't recognize yet?
P: Yes, it's possible. But he looks a lot like George Bush. He's not a young man like Dan Quayle. He will be a distinguished statesman. One that the world admired and respected. It will be a big shock.
D: Do you know how he's going to do this?
P: It seems to involve some thing to do with space. This president so loved by the world, actually honored and respected, seems to be preparing to ... (she frowned) to wage war from space somehow.
D: To wage war from space?
P: Yes. The money system is somehow based on the stability of the United States of America. I don't know how this works since we're certainly not the only government on the planet. But it seems that at this time we are the most respected, most balanced, and seem to have the situation in control somehow. The top person of what is considered to be the secure government turns out to be opposite of what he was believed to be. This causes our own country to go into a real panic and the rest of the world rather follows suit. It's as if all confidence is lost. There's no longer a paternal-type figure they can turn to for guidance and truth. It seems to create quite a mess, because of the horrendous nature his true self turned out to be.
D: Do you mean he is secretly planning to wage war from space?
P: Well, he will have the cooperation of the military.
D: Does Nostradamus show you why this man wants to wage war?
P: I must say that if this scenario takes place --and it is only a probability-- I believe he is affected by that group of men we looked upon who have only evil intent and focus. It seems they can affect even those who aren't attracted, shall we say, to their way. (She undoubtedly was referring to the secret Cabal.)
D: You think they would be able to influence him?
P: It seems this is a possible scenario, yes.
D: Can Nostradamus show you how war could be waged from space?
P: I see platforms, not one, but several, with warheads aimed at major cities. Not just major cities in the old Soviet Union, Cuba., Central America, or the Middle East, but actually aimed at cities in countries that we've considered in the past as our friends. Major metropolitan areas like Paris, London, and actually cities all over the world. These platforms are satellite stations with warheads. You know we are at the present time putting many things into space. This is further on though when there are more.
D: It would have to be in the future because we haven't put platforms up there yet.
P: I see platforms there right now. I see giant solar collectors, giant, much larger than I think of space things. They are carried by the space shuttle, and of course, they would have to fit inside it. But once in space they can have many parts added to them. I think we have, at this time, two large orbiting things. They have flat, rudder-looking things protruding. (Amazed) But they're quite large.
D: Do you think these are already in orbit in our time in 1989?
P: Two of them are. These are military projects that were placed in orbit by the shuttle. They were some of those secret payloads.
D: So it's already being done without the average person's knowledge.
P: Correct. But there are many more from the perspective of the devaluation of the gold and silver aspect. This is further along when they have the capability of simultaneously destroying major metropolitan areas on the Earth.
D: So instead of disarming, it sounds as if they're going the opposite way and it will keep developing.
P: If this scenario comes to pass, yes.
D: At this time in 1989 do you see any platforms that other countries have put up there?
P: Well, of course, you know about the Soviet Union and the space station that people live on. It seems there are countries right now in 1989 putting up all kinds of "debris," but none are as advanced technologically as these weapons platforms. Space seems really busy. And looking at it from this perspective, there are many things in the air.
D: So according to this quatrain there will be a president in the near future and this will be his main 'thing."
P: It won't appear that way at all. That's why the confidence of the world rests on his shoulders. And that's why ensuing incredible disbelief will take place in the toppling of these economies based on the balance of the United States, because nobody will expect it of this man.

Century II-62
Nostradamus Volume 1

Mabus puis tost alors mourra, viendra,
De gens & bestes une horrible defaite:
Puis tout a coup la vengeance on verra,
Cent, main, soif, faim, quand courra la comete.

Mabus will then soon die and there will come
a dreadful destruction of people and animals.
Suddenly vengeance will be revealed, a hundred hands,
thirst and hunger, when the comet will pass.


He asked for the spelling of Mabus, and then corrected my pronunciation. He pronounced it: May-bus.
B : He says that the death of a world leader, perhaps a religious leader, will coincide with the coming of a major comet. I think perhaps he's meaning Halley's Comet. He says the comet will be clearly visible in the country where this world leader died. The country involved is in the Middle East. The dying of the world leader in this middle eastern country and the passing of the comet will provoke a revolt. Part of the reason why the revolt is provoked so easily is that there will also be major crop failures that year. Many people will be hungry.
D: Will this all happen in the year that the comet will be visible?
B: It will start in the year the comet is visible, but it will continue for 500 days, a hundred hands. He's using that symbolism to indicate how long it will last, as well as indicating that there are a hundred people who will contribute toward the revolt in such a way that it will break forth and become open enough and wide-spread enough to capture the world's attention.

An interesting idea that a hundred hands could mean 500 days. The five fingers on a hand multiplied by one hundred. Also, even today we use the word "hand" to refer to a person, such as a "hired hand." Thus, a double meaning. I considered that this quatrain might possibly refer to the downfall of President Marcos of the Philippines because of the similarity of his name to Mabus, and the timing would be correct. But Marcos did not die, he was deposed from power. Since Halley's Comet passed in 1986 and did not create the expected dramatic display, and since nothing happened in that year that would fit this quatrain, it would appear that it was inaccurate. But Brenda was the one who assumed it was Halley's.

Update: When the Persian Gulf War began to materialize in August 1990. I received letters and calls from readers of this book. They had noticed that the anagram Mabus became Sudam when read backwards in mirror image. This was quite remarkable and fit in perfectly with Nostradamus' thinking. If Sudam Hussein was the Middle Eastern leader referred to in this quatrain, then it meant that he would die. Throughout the war President Bush suggested that his own people should arise and assassinate him. This did not happen, but the quatrain also contained the number of 500 days. How does that relate? It was also suggested that the comet passing could have referred to the missiles that were used during the war. They certainly resembled comets as they soared through the night sky.
If Sudam is now dead in 2003, then his death sets in motion a series of events leading to WWIII. Will it last 500 days? Or is this just the beginning?

Century I-37
Nostradamus Volume 1

Un peu devant que le soleils'excuse,
Conflict donne grand peuple dubiteux:
Profliges, port marin ne faict response,
Pont & Sepulchre en deux estranges lieux.

Shortly before sunset, battle is engaged.
A great nation is uncertain.
Overcome, the sea port makes no answer,
the bridge and the grave both in foreign places.


B: He says this quatrain is one with multiple meanings, but one of the meanings does have something to do with what you need to know. This portrays the see-sawing back and forth the United States will go through before getting involved with this conflict with the AntiChrist. He says "close to sunset" means that in this situation it is known the United States is not at the peak of her powers as she was years before. It's in her sunset, so to speak, so far as her influence and power is concerned. Her star is waning somewhat. There's still some influence and power, but she's not getting as much done as she could have in earlier years. He says "the nation is uncertain" refers to the division of opinion amongst the people of the United States as to whether or not to get involved with this conflict. The seaport being taken refers to the fact that shipping and such will be very dangerous during this time, because the Anti-Christ's "silver fish"--he's referring to submarines--will make the seas very threatening. There are enemy soldiers in the port fouling up shipping. He says a lot of the decisive battles will be battles concerning the taking over of seaports as well.

UPDATE: When this quatrain was translated in1986 it seemed difficult to imagine where these Middle Eastern countries would obtain their navy from, especially submarines. One possible answer came in 1992 after the breakup of the Soviet Union. U.S. intelligence reports indicated that Iran was buying Russian submarines with the apparent aim of controlling the narrow straits leading into the Persian Gulf. This meant that they could conceivably control all shipping traffic entering the gulf. Iran and other Middle Eastern countries were also buying other weapons, including nuclear ones, and the Soviet nuclear scientists were now looking for jobs with the highest bidder. The unthinkable had now become possible, through extraordinary and unforeseen circumstances.

B: And he says the grave being in a foreign land refers to the fact that many people will be dying far away from home in the course of the conflict.

There were many quatrains that were interpreted as referring to the first President Bush. It now becomes obvious that they could refer to the second. Who would have known there would have been two. Remember these were first interpreted and in print in 1989.

Century VIII-70
Nostradamus Volume 3

Il entrera vilain, mechant, infame
Tyannisant la Mesopotamie,
Tous amis fait d'adulterine d'ame,
Terre horrible, noir de phisonomie.

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous,
tyrannizing over Mesopotamia.
All friends made by the adulterous lady,
the land dreadful and black of aspect.


W: I'm seeing something that you probably won't want to hear.
D: Why? I hear so many strange things.
W: So anyway, where is Mesopotamia?
D: Oh, that's an old name. It doesn't exist any more. It was somewhere in Asia, in the--what do they call that--the fertile crescent. (I discovered later that Mesopotamia is the ancient name for Iraq.)
W: That doesn't seem to fit in this quatrain.
D: Why? What did you see that you thought I wouldn't want to hear?
W: (Chuckle) Well, the tyrant would be our current President, George Bush, and that lady would be the Statue of Liberty. The country would be the United States.
D: But it is called the "adulterous lady."
W: Well, she has been somewhat whored out in her years. She, at one time, stood for liberty, but liberty is a word like Mesopotamia. It's a long gone word.
D: "He will enter wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia." That refers to Bush? But it says, "All friends made by the adulterous lady."
W: Our allies.
D: Then "adulterous" in that context means she wouldn't be true to them.
W: She is not true to anybody at this point in our time.
D: "The land dreadful and black of aspect." It doesn't sound like a very good description of the United States, does it?
W: I told you, you wouldn't want to hear it, Dolores.
D: Well, I try to remain neutral and not draw conclusions.
W: A great deal of the world's woes stem from this country and this administration. This administration has just begun, but it's post-dating another that this administration was part of.
D: Ask him, couldn't this description describe other countries in the past?
W: It could have, but it would have been before Nostradamus' time.

After the fact, this quatrain seems to most definitely refer to the U.S. involvement in Iraq.

Century VIII-41
Nostradamus Volume 3

Esleu sera Renad ne sonnant mot,
Faisant le faint public vivant pain d'orge,
Tyranniser apres tant a un cop,
Mettant a pied des plus grans sus la gorge.

A fox will be elected without speaking one word,
appearing saintly in public living on barley bread,
afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant
putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.


W: The impression I got was that the man elected without saying a word was our current President of the United States, George Bush. Nostradamus refers to him as a tyrant because he refuses to look at the overall picture of problems that need to be solved. He concentrates on just one or two things and tries to apply his solution to them, and lets everything else go to pot, so to speak. The situation will become more unstable and thereby contribute to the ease with which the Anti-Christ will take over. He says there is an expression called ''straining at gnats.'' Bush is busy straining at gnats and is not doing anything about the elephants trammeling around, so to speak.
D: Why would he write a quatrain about someone like Bush?
W: He says that unknown to the general public, there are events taking place behind the scenes that are very momentous in this regard. Things that will come to light in future years and will ultimately affect the Anti-Christ. He says that during this President's reign it can be a turning point of United States history. It can be turning towards success, or turning toward failure. If the President does not take a look at the overall view, it will be apt to turn toward failure. It is the time frame that is important, rather than the person who is the President, although I cannot understand what he means by ''living on barley bread.'' That's not clear to me.
D: Focus on the mirror, ask him what he means by that phrase, and have him show you in the mirror.
W: It's living off the fat of the land.

Ms. Cheetham's book says that an alternate translation of that phrase would be: to feather one's nest. That would also be appropriate to this interpretation.

D: Why does he call Bush a fox?
W: Because he's clever. He's manipulated people. He's done what he had to do for the past 20 years to get where he's at now.
D: It says, ''appearing to be saintly.'' Does that mean he's not what he appears to be?
W: That's true.
D: The rest of it is, ''afterwards he will suddenly become a tyrant. Putting his foot on the throats of the greatest men.''
W: This means that slowly, but surely, individual rights will be taken away from men who believed in their country, and in the justice it stood for. Soon justice, freedom and liberty will no longer be visible. This is what he means by the tyrant.
D: We think of Bush as being so quiet. (In early 1989.)
W: Yes, he's quiet like a fox. He is mild-mannered and almost invisible. But he is not thinking clearly about the overall picture; therefore the people of the United States will suffer as a result of his actions. Unfortunately something may happen, sooner than you expect. He says that events are coming to a head very quickly. (Was he referring to the Persian Gulf War which began the next year in 1990?)
D: In order for Nostradamus to write a quatrain about Bush, do you think he will do something that will set him apart from the other presidents?
W: Yes. Nostradamus is showing me in the mirror. This is a continuation of some work that was begun by a previous president, and he will continue it through to its completion. This work and intention is to have a majority on the Supreme Court in which laws can be changed and made to suit his own ends and needs, which is the programming of the citizens.
D: I was thinking of the former president, Ronald Reagan. He appointed new justices to sit on the Supreme Court. Is this what you mean?
W: Yes. The current president will also have the same options, as more justices that are currently in power will leave the bench.

This, of course, has come true since this information was given in 1989. Also, it was the Supreme Court that chose the 2nd Bush President in the hung-jury election in 2000, not the American people.

D: That may take a long time to accomplish.
W: He has the time. He has been patient for along time. This person has been on the outskirts of power for so long that he is in a position now to build himself up to be powerful. Since he's doing all this in a quiet, invisible way, people do not become alarmed about it since they do not see through to the consequences as Nostradamus does. What Bush is trying to accomplish will actually be of ill effect for the United States because it will ultimately be affecting constitutional rights.
D: The translators have interpreted this quatrain as dealing with one of the Napoleons.
W: No, it refers to George Bush. The main harm will be nestled in his own country.
D: I can see how that quatrain could apply to a lot of tyrants down through history.
W: Well, you must understand, when I hear the quatrain I talk about the first thing that comes to my mind. And when that is explored there are so many probabilities and possibilities that it could very well have also happened in the past or in the future. But the translation that I got was the clear one that was in front of me.
D: That's probably the one he wants us to know because that will deal with our time period. Does Nostradamus think we should be warned about this president?
W: That's what all these quatrains are about: warnings of the future, or an awareness of the future.
D: Then he thinks in time Bush will show that he wants power, and for us to be alert to this?
W: It will become apparent.
D: Will manipulation of the Supreme Court be the only thing he will do?
W: He will attempt many things. He is attempting to convert Democrats that are already in office to Republican.
D: What purpose would that serve?
W: It would serve the purpose of numbers in votes, allies. He says this quatrain could have a double meaning. The other meaning would deal with the rule of China. In the mirror on first glance I saw an American flag and the scenario that went with it. And I also saw that this could deal with the ruling party of China.
D: Do you want to elaborate?
W: I feel with all that's going on in China today, that the tyrant, the current ruler (1989), will not survive his rulership. He has followed lines over the past which George Bush has taken note of, and is implementing to the extent that he can. Where this individual in China is nearly finished with his term in power, the President of the United States is beginning.
D: How does the rest of the quatrain refer to China?
W: This fox who turns into a tyrant was also elected without a word because it's in a Communist country. And he also has been living off the fat of the land. You must also realize that the President of the United States has had personal dealings with the leader of the Chinese government over a span of many years.
D: Why is that important for us to know?
W: He is a type of understudy. George Bush has been able to observe how this leader has controlled his people and led them around, and has manipulated them for his own gains.
D: Of course, it's two different types of government.
W: That's true. But when it comes to manipulating the masses, there is not a lot of difference whether it's Communist or a democracy.

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