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 John V. Panella 

John V. Panella's understanding and grasp of theology and Biblical truths is quite remarkable considering the trials he had to endure during the first months of his life. He was born with cerebral brain damage and was given up on by the doctors. He often had convultions, and for 18 months he was a living vegetable unable to do anything. During that time his parents were looking into religious beliefs, and found a church that believed in Faith healing. They were not particularly religious but thought they had nothing to lose, because John was either going to die or spend the rest of his life in the vegetative condition. One of the ministers of this church did a laying on of hands, and he was healed instantly.

As John grew he spent 30 years in various Christian organizations, including some theological training in College. He was searching for something that made sense, because he had not found the answers within orthodox religion. He began to develop his own gnosis. Part of it was that the Bible along with other great works of literature were created to expose a secret mystery using analogies, types, and metaphors. These things were not meant to be taken literally, but figuratively and mystically.

John had personally been experiencing what would be defined as paranormal activities that had existed in his life from a youth, never really understanding the purpose for these strange occurrences because he wasn't able to place these activities in the world of religion in which he was raised. In time he realized that these happenings were teaching him a greater reality about God versus the limited reality of religion. After the death of his parents John began to take this new gnosis seriously.

It took a great deal of belief and faith to hold on to his unorthodox beliefs, because around 1986 he became very ill with liver and heart damage. He believes this was caused in part by inner turmoil. He had been battling over religious differences in his church, and the persecution of others who could not understand. This caused him to drink heavily for 6 years as he tried to escape the turmoil he was being put through. In 1986 he sensibly realized that alcohol was not the answer and quit drinking totally, but extreme damage had already been done. For 2 years he was on his death bed with no strength to fight the circumstances. He attributes his recovery to his faith and the will of God and his indestructible spirit. When he realized what was happening he left the church that had been a major part of his life, and entered the world of metaphysical teachings. From that point his health improved, and his knowledge of the mysteries began.

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 Metaphysics Books